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Director: Jonathan Choo  

Producer: Priya K. Dosanjh

Synopsis: Whilst her husband slips further into his latest obsession, Ruth channels all her energy into the family business - a successful B&B on the beach. When birthday plans with their son begin to derail, Ruth must finally confront her own unhappiness. 

With Nigel Hastings (Bodies, Four Weddings and A Funeral), Sara Powell (Vera, Silent Witness) and Joshua Sinclair-Evans (Spiderman: Far From Home)

The Score:

A delicate and reflective score evocative of rolling waves and sea breezes. Featuring swelling, soul-searching cello and orchestral textures of emotions simmering under the surface.


Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival 2019

Ruth, woman looking out to sea
Ruth's husband
Ruth's son
Ruth's husband working on model house
ruth on the phone, nuissance call
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