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Writer and Director: Rhona Foster

Supported by BFI NETWORK

Synopsis: Comedy - A diffident teen blossoms after her transformative day with a beautiful bearded builder. Feeling unconfident after once again being excluded by her girl gang, teenage Lucy resolves to visit 'Nails & Beauty' salon. However, Lucy discovers that 'Nails & Beauty' is a filthy workshop staffed by butch, bearded builders; headed by Glaswegian hunk Louisa. In a subversion of the stereotypical makeover trope, Lucy gets a rough and tough makeover involving building materials and power tools instead of cosmetics and beauty gadgets. Lucy is enamoured with her new look - and with Louisa. As their relationship blossoms, so does Lucy. Through this radical transformation, Lucy discovers a new mode of womanhood and a space where she belongs. With Libby Mai, Jodie Mitchell, Lucy Garner, Kemah Bob and Jacqui Bardelang. 

The Score:

Fun and tongue-in-cheek with bubbly pop tracks for surreal and dream sequences - plus a smattering of romance.

BFI NETWORK showcase at Cambridge IFF 2021
LOCO London Comedy Film Festival 2023
GAZE LGBTQ+ Film Festival 2022
Poland LGBTQ+ Film Festival 2023
Queer Vision 2023
Fringe! Queer Film and Art Festival 2022
Lesflicks 2022
Underwire 2022 - Best Production Design Nominee
Brighton Rocks 2022
Women X 2022
The Coast is Queer Brighton Literary Festival 2022
Sunderland Short Film Festival 2022
Cineffable Paris Feminist Film Festival 2023
Ramsgate Film Festival 2022

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