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Director: Celine Buckens

Producer: Lily Donnelly


Comedy - A rueful girl thinks she's found her match when she locks eyes with a coy boy one night. But this promising boy-meets-girl tale lacks one thing: a condom. With Nell Williams and Rawaed Asde.

The Score:

A fun, tongue-in-cheek score for surreal and dream-like montages journeying through internal experiences of blissful romance to anxiety and panic. Spanning the genres of thrash metal, sweeping romantic strings strings and indie pop.


Melrose Film Festival 2021 (Official Selection)

Sheffield Short Film Festival 2021 (Official Selection)

New Renaissance Film Festival 2021 (Official Selection)

World of Film International Festival Glasgow 2021 (Official Selection)


romance scene
Girl meets boy, bed
buying condoms
morning after pill
imagining the worst
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