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Writer & Director: Ralph Woollcombe


As our human population continues to grow and expand across the globe it becomes increasingly difficult to observe strong affiliations between humans and nature. Though in one of the most populated countries in the world, India, one such connection exists and it is all because of the predominant religion, Hinduism.

AHIMSA explores the fascinating relationship between Hinduism and the natural world and how this has resulted in some very unique and interesting interactions between Hindu people and animals today. Animals that are viewed by the rest of the world as vermin are considered family. Species thriving and causing havoc in busy cities are treated like kings and whole communities have become conservationists in order to respect religious principles. However, in some situations, reverence is causing more harm than good. 

The Score:

An intimate musical score that denotes peaceful reflection, spirituality and divinity, accompanying legends and stories of gods; with playful character pieces personifying each group of animals as they interact with their human neighbours. I performed a range of instruments to bring this score to life including bansuri flute and electric and acoustic guitars.

Temple Hanuman
Gray Langur Monkies. Pink clothes
Temple worship fire
Temple Rats
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